The Nitrogen Cycle

A lesser amount of nitrogen is fixed from the atmosphere through reactions occurring in the gaseous emissions from volcanoes and from lightning discharges. This nitrogen is washed out of the atmosphere by rain and is added to the soil and water where it, too, can be used by organisms. Does this make sense to you yet? If not, continue reading on, it should be clearer soon. Human activities have a significant effect on nitrogen cycling. Production and use of nitrogen fertilizer, combustion of fossil fuels, and planting crops that fix nitrogen have unbalanced the previously stable relationship between fixation and denitrification. Gaseous industrial pollutants—abbreviated as NO x compounds—foul the air in many cities and wash out in sufficient amounts to constitute “acid rain” in some parts of the industrialized world. The nitrogen cycle can be understood most easily by looking at its separate parts: nitrogen fixation, ammonification, nitrification, assimilation, and denitrification.


Has technology changed the way we drive

Technology has transformed driving, especially in terms of navigation. It was only two decades ago when sat-navs were a luxury item, but now they’re commonplace. People rely on sat-navs so much that they wouldn’t even consider going on a long distance drive without one. Back in the day, it was a case of using maps and learning the route before you left, whilst memorising or taking note of road names. When was the last time you decided to navigate to a location by a printed map rather than sat-nav or mobile phone? Probably a very long time, and that’s completely understandable because the technology is quite brilliant. We no longer have to worry about getting lost, whilst we can also keep track of speed cameras too. It’s hard to fault the technology and how far we’ve come, however, it’s certainly true that we rely a bit too much on this new technology now.


Why are compressors ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts?

There are many reasons why compressors are ideal for professional and DIY enthusiasts. Many people believe that they’re only used in very specialist industries, and whilst that can be true, there are many reasons why an eager DIY enthusiast will require one too. Air compressors are especially important in inflating car tires, and other objects rather than blowing them manually, but they also power tools, keep large fridges cool and raise lifting jacks, offering extreme power! For you to be able to enjoy these benefits you must have the right air compressor for your needs. In the market there are many compressors that are ideal for professional and DIY enthusiasts, so if you are not sure you about the factors you need to look out for when choosing an industrial air compressor, here are some of the top factors to keep in mind. Consider the Capacity Ensure that you go with the best air compressor that has at least the capacity needed to work the machine that requires the highest cut. So if you plan on using several machines together at once, then you need to ensure that you have a compressor that is powerful enough to provide optimum power…


Safety and maintenance of an air compressor in the workplace

In the workplace, safety is one of the primary concerns. You want to be sure that every employee is safe at all times. To this end, safety precautions are taken to decrease the possibility of machinery damage and unexpected breakdowns that may result in human injuries or unexpected repair costs. With this in mind, working with high-powered machines like an air compressor without ensuring safety and maintenance can be pretty dangerous. Any pneumatic tool must be connected to a source of air before being activated. Weak connection between parts of the equipment can jeopardize the performance of the tool and make you vulnerable. Therefore, ensuring that the valves are tightly-fitted. Additionally, you must make sure that the air going in the inlet is clean and free of moisture, with 90 psig pressure as a maximum otherwise, high pressure may make cracks and undue velocity. Remember that for all pneumatic tools to function properly, they should be lubricated regularly. However, flammable lubricants are not encouraged. For any issues with the air supply, you should ensure there is a shutoff valve within reach. You should also predict problems with the air hose. If these problems occur, don’t try to control it manually.…


Glass Etching – A handy skill to have

Glass etching was once something you would have to go to a specialist for, and the costs weren’t exactly cheap, however, it is now possible to learn the art of glass etching yourself, and there are many products you can buy to help you perfect this skill. There are some pen engravers which you can you use with stencils, so all you really need is a cool and purposeful hand. If you’re able to etch glass to a good standard, you can make some of your Christmas presents more memorable, and the good news is these pens are incredibly cheap. What people don’t know is that these pens can also deliver deep grooves in metal, wood, leather, plastic, and ceramic, so they’re very multipurpose. If you’d like on of these and fancy practicing this Christmas, try mastering wood first, but if you can, always choose a pen engraver that sits comfortably in the hand.

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