How Important Is Your Website Design?

The design of your website is extremely important for many different reasons. This is what we are going to look deeper into today. First ImpressionsYour website is one of the first thing potential customers will see. This gives them their first impression of your company. A good website design helps to make a long lasting first impression in the right way. If your website design is slacking, customers may not be drawn to use your company. Competitors Competitor companies may be high on their web design. Making customers for the service or product more likely to go to them. You want to keep up with your competitors and beat them. The design of your website will help you to stand out above your competitors. ConsistencyHaving a good website design also helps to create consistency with your company. If all of your advertisement techniques follow the same design, having your website the same will make it easy to distinguish.


Screen Time – How Harmful Can It Be?

We are living in an era which revolves around technology. Therefore the amount of time we are spending looking at screens is increasing dramatically. But how harmful is this to us? Do we really need to be worrying? Too much screentime can lead to sleep problems in both kids and adults. Looking at screens wakes up your brain making it more difficult for you to sleep. In the long run, this can cause insomnia which isn’t fun for anyone. This can be a factor for becoming overweight. If you are spending more time engaging in activities like watching TV or playing video games, you will more likely become overweight. Exercising is the best way to prevent this. As well as affecting you mentally and physically. Too much screentime can also have negative impacts on relationships. Whether this is your family or partner. The more screentime you have the less time you are spending with them.


What will a laser-engraving machine do for your business?

A laser-engraving machine can drastically boost productivity, but this does depend on the current processes you have in place and the type of work you do. So let’s say you’re a small factory in the UK, with several employees and you find that too often your team is undertaking tedious manual tasks, perhaps a laser-engraving machine can make a big difference to your business. You can free up the time it takes to etch logos, names and dates into products, whilst you also reduce any opportunity for human error. It’s extremely economical As we’ve touched on above, optical device engraving is a very economical method, but it offers exceptional precision too. It will simply switch between materials and a spread of depths, giving its users multiple end-results. However, it’s additionally economical in terms of service life and maintenance prices, and that means you will likely experience less downtime that you would with a much older model. If you’re looking for an innovative laser engraving machine then you’re essentially looking for a device that leaves a mark at the surface level instead of associate engraving. So it’s important to ensure you find an engraver rather than a laser cutter. You can…


The CamRanger and why it’s so important to professional portrait photographers

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  • October 6, 2017
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The CamRanger is an incredibly nifty bit of kit that’s being widely used by professional portrait, commercial and editorial photographers. What it essentially allows them to do is control the camera via an Apple or Android device, whilst it tethers the photographs taken through to the device via a simple cable. This basically means that the photographer can see the photos as they come through and critique them on a larger screen rather than the DSLR’s display. It’s a very clever tool that will be sure to impress your clients, so you can quickly see if another shot is needed, whether lighting needs to be tweaked or the post for instance. At under £300 it’s an incredibly worthwhile investment for any professional photographer, and that’s why it’s becoming such a useful tool in the industry and we’re sure its popularity will only continue to grow over the coming months and years.


Tips on getting a patent for your product

If you are lucky enough to invent a product that is not yet on the shelves, protecting your product is extremely important. With such an achievement, many people may wish to steal your idea and take it as their own. The best way to protect your product is you get a patent for it, making it illegally yours. Here are some simple steps to getting a patent for your product: Record keeping- This entails details on how you came up with the idea, the changes you made to it, when you began working on it, the difficulties you’ve endured during the whole process with as many details as possible. Qualifying for patenting- Not all inventions can be patented. That’s why it’s always wise to check if it meets certain criteria’s. Before you apply for a patent, the product must not be on sale or known to other people. Also do a patent search to see if there any other similar products that already exist. Make the Application- Once you’ve established that your product meets the requirements mentioned above, you can now proceed to filing a patent application with your regions patent authority.

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