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Air Compressor Purchasing Guide

A compressor is one of the most widely used equipment for residential and commercial projects. They are normally found in industrial factories as well as in households. Air compressors work by increasing the air pressure and sending it through a hose, a container or nipple. Over the years they equipment has evolved as one of the most reliable and are normally found in industrialized facilities as well as in garages all over the world. There are various kinds of compressors as well as different uses. Below are some factors to consider when looking for reliable equipment.

Factors to Consider in an Air Compressor

Consider how frequent you will use the equipment and how you will use it. What type of tools will you be using and how much power will you require to operate them. Some equipment like nail guns, do not require a high volume compressor. Other tools such as sanders or drills do require high volume since they require steady flow of air.
Set a budget for the purchase. The prices for the machines vary significantly from one brand to another. Buying used equipment is one way of making the budget stretch further.
The style of the equipment’s pump is another factor. The most common pumps are belt drive and direct drive. Direct drive pumps normally last up to 500 hours. They take up less room in the workshop and are well suited for moderate users. Another benefit of this type of equipment is that there is no oil changes required. However belt drive pumps normally require oil changes after every 500 hours and will last for about 1500 hours. This type is good for DIY tasks as well as professional use.
Consider the equipment’s power. Consider both your horsepower and the pound per square inch pressure (PSI). Ensure the machine is more powerful than the most powerful tool you are going to use. Check your tools before buying the equipment.
Another important consideration is the tank size. They come in different sizes from 200 to 100 gallons. The more you use the equipment, the bigger the tank you will require. Always go for a little larger tank size than you think you will need to ensure that you can get the maximum use from your compressor.

Finding an affordable air compressor

Shop around before deciding on the machine’s system. Read reviews on the internet and compare brands. Compare each and every machine and its features.
Consider online shopping. Often, compressor prices are considerably less in online stores. Many stores ship straight from the manufacturers, saving retail mark up. Such savings can be very significant. In many cases, buyers will not need to pay sales tax on the machine, which can add up. Many online stores offer free shipping on their sales, so it will not cost any extra cash for shipping.
The machine can be very useful additions for home improvement enthusiasts, but keep in mind that compressed air can be very dangerous if it is not used correctly. If you use it properly it will be a handy helper and a good friend in the jobs around the house.


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