Fitbit: The marriage of tech and fitness


There have been a lot of tech crazes that I have completely missed. Some have passed me by because I can’t afford to drop ten grand on a watch, others I have had very little interest in. I mean ‘Beetz’ (or however you spell it) are just nice headphones that a bunch of celebrities have convinced you to wear. One of the latest tech crazes that is sweeping the wealthy is the fitbit; a device you wear around your wrist that links to an app on your phone.

It tracks a number of things; like your heart rate, the amount of steps you have taken and calories burned among other things. It’s a sleek piece of kit and one that, if I actually wore watches, I wouldn’t mind wearing. It’s inconspicuous enough and the app has some pretty cool functionality. For those of you looking to keep track of your fitness then there are certainly worse ways of doing it. They range from about £50 all the way up to £150 and, frankly, who can tell the difference between them apart from the manufacturers.

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