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Screen Time – How Harmful Can It Be?

We are living in an era which revolves around technology. Therefore the amount of time we are spending looking at screens is increasing dramatically. But how harmful is this to us? Do we really need to be worrying?

Too much screentime can lead to sleep problems in both kids and adults. Looking at screens wakes up your brain making it more difficult for you to sleep. In the long run, this can cause insomnia which isn’t fun for anyone.
This can be a factor for becoming overweight. If you are spending more time engaging in activities like watching TV or playing video games, you will more likely become overweight. Exercising is the best way to prevent this.

As well as affecting you mentally and physically. Too much screentime can also have negative impacts on relationships. Whether this is your family or partner. The more screentime you have the less time you are spending with them.


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