What makes Pipe Cutting machines great

Pipe cutting machines simply refer to machines used to cut pipes. Most of the pipes cutting machines were discovered after the failure of hacksaws to efficiently cut some types of metals especially the strong ones .They came in as a substitute of the hacksaw, which had become inefficient. For this reason, they have continued to gain popularity among people in the fabricating, building and construction industries .There are several types available today in the market making the buyers spoilt for choice for the type they want depending on their personal needs. This article is therefore going to explore and give some insights to the various users on which brands they should look for in the market.

Pipe cutting machines features

Automation – the machines offers automatic operation that enables users to give automatic assignment of tool parameters to the already processed material. It has a control unit mounted with a touch screen where all control functions can be fed into the system.

Efficiency and quality – the machines provide a high quality cutting with high definition plasma. They are also efficient and user friendly since they have the – PC based CNC control system and provides remote diagnostics and assistance.

Multitasking – he machines can easily multitask because of its ability to perform multi tool operation

Offering safety – the mechanical parts of the machines are protected against fumes and damages. This also ensures that the machine operators are also safe during the cutting process.

The machines also provide the following additional accessories; plasma rotator, automatic calibration of tool geometry, micro punch and inkjet writer

Common Applications of the Pipe Cutter

Trimming – the machines are used for trimming pipes to ensure a smooth outcome.
Drilling of holes the machines are used for cutting of holes for multiple pipe and other profile intersections

Welding preparation – the machines have also been widely used for welding seam preparation and pipe marking

Benefits of pipe cutting machines


They have the overall performance efficiency that guarantees a consistent and reliable cut. They also give a level of precision cutting thus eliminating the risk of leaking pipes and possible drain failures.


They are generally faster than other tools that were previously used like hacksaws. They use cordless drill as power source and their inputs are controllable whereas other cutters rely on man-power, which slows down the process.

Accuracy and low maintenance

They are more accurate due to the high technology used. They are also designed with robust materials, which ensure low maintenance since no lubrication is required. They have also been prepared to work in different working environments.


They ensures the user is safe because they are always held at an arm’s length during operation


Pipe cutting machines have really revolutionised the fabrication industry through their numerous advantages and buyers in the market should consider purchasing them.

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