Is it worth investing in a smart watch?

With the forever developing technology, it can be hard to keep up. Smart watches are the latest trend, but are they worth investing in?

Smart watches will certainly suit some lifestyles more than others, with buisness men and women being the primary target audience. There are many features to smart watches, and we will outline a few to help you gain a better understanding before you make a purchase.

Phone calls- you can see who is calling you straight from your watch. This means you can have your phone on silence and receive a small vibration to your wrist to alert you that you have a phone call. This feature is extremely helpful during business meetings, where you do not want to cause a distraction.

Notifications- this includes text messages, emails, app messages and much more. As previously mentioned, the discrete alerting system allows you to control your messages without looking rude on your phone.

Extras- Calendars, calculators and camera control are all extra features that you may find on a smart watch. You can set alarms to alert you of meeting times in a discrete manor.


Portable chargers; A backpacking essential

If you are about to take off on an adventure of a life time or you may be planning a holiday away with the family, a portable charger should be on your checklist.

Mobile phones, tablets, and cameras are all part of our holiday must haves, but keeping the battery going while we are on the move can be difficult. A simple addition of a portable charger is all you need. These chargers can either be mains charged or solar charged, both allowing you to charge multiple devices before they lose their charge.

Modern models come in a compact design that fit nicely into your bag, not taking up too much space. It seems that the new mobile phones are losing their battery life quicker than ever, that’s why a quick boost by a portable charger can come in handy. Chargers are available in a variety of designs and varying prices, so there is one that will suit your style and needs.


New technological developments within restaurants

As other industries continue to advance in regard to technology, the hospitality industry is also not left behind.

Here are some of the latest restaurant technologies:

Tablet restaurant management- This system provides for real-time views of tables, catalogues the menu by a selection’s name or ingredients, processes sales and delivery tickets as well as sends orders to the kitchen and therefore ensures faster service of food and beverages.

LED Alert systems- The system alerts kitchen workers to time-sensitive tasks such as when the silverware is dry and is ready for use by illuminating a coloured light. The light attracts the attention of the staff and sends a message on the immediate action that should be taken.

Table based entertainment- The new technology helps to eliminate the use of paperwork menus in the restaurants and projects all that guests need to know directly onto their tables. Dishes can be ordered by pressing the virtual button on the e-table.

In case the guests get bored, the system provides a range of entertainment options. For example, they can take a peep at the chefs as they prepare the ordered foods or take a look at interesting information of the local area.


How technology is changing our daily routines

It can be quite amazing to see the effects of technology, and it’s easily done when you take a step back and review what your daily routines are, and how many of them involve some form of technology. We’re not just talking about electric toothbrushes and the alarm that wakes you up, but many homes now include appliances that are controlled by mobile phones.

Lamps, televisions and kettles can all now be hooked up to mobile apps, whilst electricity as a whole can be controlled at the click of one button. There are many energy providers in the UK who offer smart boxes that allow us to control what’s switched on and what’s not, and if you’re yet to experience these yet, you may well be using them regularly in 5 years time. Technology at home is constantly evolving, and so too are our daily routines. Think carefully about how you start and end each day. Does technology play a crucial role?


How virtual and augmented reality is changing the world we live in

There has been a lot of talk about Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in recent years and we’re really starting to see this form of technology being put to good use. We’re not just talking about gaming, but computers in general too. There is no doubt that in the near future we will interact more with computers using AR and VR, and even though these technologies are very much in their early stages, they will certainly bring new levels of innovation to the computing experience over the next 10, 20 or 30 years. It’s said that many companies are now starting to lay the groundwork for working with augmented reality in the manufacturing industry so this will be very interesting to follow, especially over the next 5 years when everything is very much in the early stages. There will without a doubt be many cool prototypes circulating in the media very soon, and we may start seeing them being put to use in the coming months, in real working environments.


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