The importance of printed brochures

Many companies rely on sales from print brochures, and even though printing costs have drastically shot up, there’s no sign of this form of marketing dying out any time soon. A brochure can play a huge role in converting customers, and even if you have all of your products listed on your shiny website, there’s always going to be some end users who much prefer reading through a brand new printed booklet. If that’s what it takes to make a sale then so be it, just because the web is more important than it was 5 years ago, it doesn’t mean to say traditional marketing is now less important. Some aspects will stay the same for businesses over the next 10 years and brochure printing isn’t going anywhere soon. If every retailer did rule out brohcure printing, they may actually lose customers, and it’s just not a risk worth taking.


Sony’s VR headset

Virtual reality headsets are what dreams were made of ten years ago, but they’re now possible and soon to be ready to buy!

That’s right, Sony’s VR headset is likely to be released this year, and it essentially makes you feel as though you’re inside the PlayStation, meeting and defeating characters on your quest to succeed. Movement is going to be one of the biggest selling points though, and the visor will detect your head’s movement with almost no latency, and when used with a PlayStation Camera, your head’s movement can be tracked and reflected in the game’s images in real time. With 360 degrees of noise, you’re fully immersed into the game, and it could change the way we play and interactive with games in the future.

Not long now… It’s exciting times ahead for PS4 fans.


The power of compact Bluetooth speakers

Technology is constantly evolving, and people will even now look at Bluetooth and see it as ‘so last year’. While many devices now simply run off Wi-Fi, one area that Bluetooth still dominates is music streaming. There are many portable Bluetooth devices on the market, and they’re incredibly powerful. With a phone or mp3 player and a small Bluetooth speaker, you can have your house rocking, and one of the best models on the market is the Bolse Bluetooth speaker.

It’s essentially looks like a small box, but it has a battery life of around 8 hours, and it has two powerful 40MM 6W driver delivers crisp clean sound with super bass. This speaker is small enough to carry in your bag but powerful enough to bring a big sounds to a party and it’s very well prices at under £40.00.


Do you need a graphic designer?


A graphic designer can give a company more freedom. Tasks that were once not possible now are! With a graphic designer on your team, you’re able to produce high quality graphics for your website as well as magazine and brochure advertisements among other mediums.

Many companies now have their own in-house designer because it’s such an important role. Why pay an agency thousands of pounds per month when you can have your own designer dedicated to producing designs for your business. Technology is constantly evolving and it’s now easier to find qualified designers with degrees, and employing the right individual could be a huge boost for your business.

Designers tend to work closely to the marketing or sales team, and their work can persuade customers to act and buy your products and services. That’s why it’s such an important role.


Direct Marketing Promotions


When we think of the latest innovations in technology, it’s easy to  think about the developments happening online, but let’s not forget about print marketing and advertising for a second. Today, technology has made it a lot easier to create large-scale promotional campaigns, and whether that includes bespoke packaging, bespoke gifts, or competitions, it’s easily done.

Recent technological improvements in printing mean that whether you have 100 people in your mail list of 500,000, nobody has to miss out on your amazing promotion. Large companies often send Christmas gifts as part of a peronsal mailing campaign, and it’s becoming more and more common! Prices for bespoke direct marketing campaigns are cheaper as a result of technological improvements, and it may be something your business wants to consider if you haven’t already.


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