Direct Marketing Promotions


When we think of the latest innovations in technology, it’s easy to  think about the developments happening online, but let’s not forget about print marketing and advertising for a second. Today, technology has made it a lot easier to create large-scale promotional campaigns, and whether that includes bespoke packaging, bespoke gifts, or competitions, it’s easily done.

Recent technological improvements in printing mean that whether you have 100 people in your mail list of 500,000, nobody has to miss out on your amazing promotion. Large companies often send Christmas gifts as part of a peronsal mailing campaign, and it’s becoming more and more common! Prices for bespoke direct marketing campaigns are cheaper as a result of technological improvements, and it may be something your business wants to consider if you haven’t already.


iPhone 6s – The Improvements


The iPhone 6s looks exactly he same as the iPhone 6 on the outside. And you can still choose between the 6(s) or 6 Plus(s), but what are the main benefits of the ‘s’. Well, for one, the camera is 12 megapixels rather than 8, but this really won’t make much of a difference, unless of course you’re printing something to cover an entire advertising billboard—you now the one that cars can see from miles away!

The main advantage is 3D Touch. This is basically a new technology from Apple that distinguishes different levels of pressure. So a light tap and a firm tap on the same target can result in different actions. There are also more colour options with the 6s, but other than that it’s pretty much much the same as the 6. So it’s probably not worth the upgrade just yet, wait until the iPhone 7 comes out!


SEO for tech businesses


We all know the pitfalls of SEO and trying to rank highly on Google. Not everyone can be on page one for “Tech company London” for example. But what a good SEO company will do is explain the limitations of that kind of thinking about develop, with you, a strategy to get you ranking higher in that incredibly competitive market. They will take a look at your clients and examine their needs, take a look at your competitors to see what they are doing well and what they are not doing so well too.
Finally they will look at you. What your company does well and poorly, what you offer and base a campaign on that. It’s much more extensive, much more thorough and much more likely to bring you good results going forward. It will be slower than some cowboy SEO nonsense, but it’ll be worth it in the end.


WhatsApp: Taking over the world


Social media has taken over the world, we all have the apps on our phones ranging from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp. Every avenue of communication is covered; you are almost always connected to your friends at every hour of the day – be it through pictures, direct messages or 140 character bursts. Whatever you choose the sheer number of ways to stay connected is mind blowing – but is there one that’s superior to the others? Are any all singing and dancing? Or are too many of them gimmicky like Snapchat?


Whatsapp, though, is something a little bit different. In tech terms it’s text messages over the internet, rather than via your network provider. It’s similar to Apple’s nonsense iMessage feature, but much better and across phones and networks. It’s MMS and SMS, you can have group conversations and simply add people from your phone’s contact list directly into Whatsapp.


Reformatting your PC

computer-414059_1280I remember the very first time I ever reformatted a PC. I would have been about 10 years old and I had no idea what I was doing. The aunt was furious and, in her cold reptilian haste, abandoned the format and did a factory reset; losing all of her data in the process. It serves her right though; she’s become quite the gold digging bitch in the subsequent years. Regardless; since then I have become a lot more au fait with computers and am regularly reformatting my PC (especially now methods for doing so are much clearer and better.)
It is a great habit to get into. Over time we accumulate a lot of junk on our computers; things that we might have downloaded and loaded up only once, never uninstalled and never deleted the installer either. These are the things that we are looking to get rid of; a clean slate. We move over our old, useful files onto an external drive and start again nice and fresh. It’s a great routine, and something you should look into for your PC.


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