Data Recovery – The Solution for Media Failure

Data stored in computers may be lost due to mechanical problems such as a head crash where the read-write head of the computer disk collides with the recording surface, failure of the disk controller device, a power surge, or as a result of a defective air filter. Data loss may also be due to software-connected issues like file accidental erasure, corruption, virus problem or problems in the operating system. The symptoms normally range from the clicking sound produced by an otherwise working hard drive or a hard drive which is simply not being recognised by the machine. The end results can be challenging to the end user regardless on whether that user is a person storing treasured family photos or a company without any backup of its server. In all these situations Data Recovery Solutions and backup services are absolutely necessary. When any of such eventualities happen, data access will be denied to the user in the normal way through the computer. Many computer users think that when their data is lost it cannot be retrieved. In some cases data can be irretrievably lost but in most cases, data is not lost. On the other hand, with proper care and…

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