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Is it worth investing in a smart watch?

With the forever developing technology, it can be hard to keep up. Smart watches are the latest trend, but are they worth investing in?

Smart watches will certainly suit some lifestyles more than others, with buisness men and women being the primary target audience. There are many features to smart watches, and we will outline a few to help you gain a better understanding before you make a purchase.

Phone calls- you can see who is calling you straight from your watch. This means you can have your phone on silence and receive a small vibration to your wrist to alert you that you have a phone call. This feature is extremely helpful during business meetings, where you do not want to cause a distraction.

Notifications- this includes text messages, emails, app messages and much more. As previously mentioned, the discrete alerting system allows you to control your messages without looking rude on your phone.

Extras- Calendars, calculators and camera control are all extra features that you may find on a smart watch. You can set alarms to alert you of meeting times in a discrete manor.


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