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New technological developments within restaurants

As other industries continue to advance in regard to technology, the hospitality industry is also not left behind.

Here are some of the latest restaurant technologies:

Tablet restaurant management- This system provides for real-time views of tables, catalogues the menu by a selection’s name or ingredients, processes sales and delivery tickets as well as sends orders to the kitchen and therefore ensures faster service of food and beverages.

LED Alert systems- The system alerts kitchen workers to time-sensitive tasks such as when the silverware is dry and is ready for use by illuminating a coloured light. The light attracts the attention of the staff and sends a message on the immediate action that should be taken.

Table based entertainment- The new technology helps to eliminate the use of paperwork menus in the restaurants and projects all that guests need to know directly onto their tables. Dishes can be ordered by pressing the virtual button on the e-table.

In case the guests get bored, the system provides a range of entertainment options. For example, they can take a peep at the chefs as they prepare the ordered foods or take a look at interesting information of the local area.


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