The Benefits of On-Site Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen gas provides numerous uses for various manufacturers. On-site nitrogen production is a sister function of compressed air, and can provide opportunities for efficiency such as cost saving for the manufacturers who initially used liquid nitrogen service.  Several manufacturers whose businesses critically require nitrogen gas are shifting from delivery of liquid nitrogen to on-site nitrogen generation. Considering the benefits of on-site generation, it becomes easy to understand and justify the change. The manufacturers can make savings of between 40 per cent and 80 per cent, depending on the current market prices of liquid nitrogen. Cost Reduction The cost of liquid nitrogen delivery in the industrial market usually ranges, depending on delivery locations and market costs. Shifting to the utilization of on-site nitrogen production can drop these cost to much lower figures irrespective of the user’s location. Even while factoring the capital costs incurred during on-site production, customers can achieve a return on investment in a period of between 9 months and two years. However, this will depend on the equipment that is currently present in the facility, such as air compressors, nitrogen generators, power, receivers, as well as any associated maintenance. The savings made are not inclusive of supplementary costs…

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