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Safety and maintenance of an air compressor in the workplace

In the workplace, safety is one of the primary concerns. You want to be sure that every employee is safe at all times. To this end, safety precautions are taken to decrease the possibility of mechanical damage and unexpected breakdowns that may result in human injuries or unexpected repair costs. With this in mind, working with high-powered machines like an air compressor without ensuring safety and maintenance can be pretty dangerous.

Any pneumatic tool must be connected to a source of air before being activated. Weak connection between parts of the equipment can jeopardize the performance of the tool and make you vulnerable. Therefore, ensuring that the valves are tightly-fitted. Additionally, you must make sure that the air going in the inlet is clean and free of moisture, with 90 psi pressure as a maximum otherwise, high pressure may make cracks and undue velocity. Remember that for all pneumatic tools to function properly, they should be lubricated regularly. However, flammable lubricants are not encouraged.

For any issues with the air compressor, you should ensure there is a shutoff valve within reach. You should also predict problems with the air hose. If these problems occur, don’t try to control it manually. Instead, you should cut the air source. If you weren’t able to control the air hose or if it malfunctioned, you should either install an air fuse in the hose upstream or place a whip-inhibiting device along the coupling of the hose.

Shutting off the source of air, bleeding the air pressure, and freeing the air hose are three indispensable things you ought to do before performing any kind of maintenance on any part of the compressor or even the accessory parts. While doing such critical actions, you should make sure not to put your hands near an active pneumatic tool. You should also position yourself in a grounded place at a safe distance from the active pieces of the compressor.

Finally, you should ensure optimal performance and efficiency by checking the air source itself regularly, making sure that the shutoff valve is always functional and within reach. Never allow grease or oil to suspend on an air hose, for they can cause deterioration and may cause people to get injured. Suspending hoses overhead is, thus, the most effective way to prevent grease and oil from lingering on the air hose and to avoid tripping into the hose and cutting the power supply cords.

You do have to keep your wits about you when using this type of equipment, and by just taking a little bit of care and extra precaution, you can easily stay safe whether you’re using the machine or maintaining and repairing it. If you’re not 100% comfortable with the machine then you have to speak up and say so proper training can be provided. You should always feel safe and comfortable using this equipment so do not let people pressure you.



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