iPhone 6s – The Improvements


The iPhone 6s looks exactly he same as the iPhone 6 on the outside. And you can still choose between the 6(s) or 6 Plus(s), but what are the main benefits of the ‘s’. Well, for one, the camera is 12 megapixels rather than 8, but this really won’t make much of a difference, unless of course you’re printing something to cover an entire advertising billboard—you now the one that cars can see from miles away!

The main advantage is 3D Touch. This is basically a new technology from Apple that distinguishes different levels of pressure. So a light tap and a firm tap on the same target can result in different actions. There are also more colour options with the 6s, but other than that it’s pretty much much the same as the 6. So it’s probably not worth the upgrade just yet, wait until the iPhone 7 comes out!

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